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October 2022 - Ultimate Track Cars

October 2022 - Ultimate Track Cars


  • Ultimate Track Cars: Can street machines run with today's track stars?
  • Golf GTI: What do the lap times say?
  • Track Tires Tested: Semi-slicks face off, and a new Bridgestone hits the scene
  • Mutant Boxster: Homebuilt Porsche exo-rod
  • Using Data: 10 ways to move beyond lap times, plus the apps, sensors and traces you need to go faster
  • Making Stuff: Why you want a mill and how to get one
  • Climbing Higher: Backroads of Appalachia uses motorsport tourism to help revitalize eastern Kentucky
  • Low-Buck Tech: Opel GT Tinyvette
  • Fuel Tips: How Fresh is That Fuel?

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