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October 2021 - Suspension Solutions

October 2021 - Suspension Solutions


In this issue:

  • Suspension Solutions | Common suspension problems and how to cure them.
  • Here Comes Hyundai | An upstart brand in the mid-’80s, now a motorsports player.
  • Tesla Roadster Meets Lotus Elise | They look related, but the Lotus Elise and Tesla Roadster sing different tunes.
  • Straight Aero | Miata is the answer for this GM automotive designer and time attack competitor.
  • Project Ultimate Corvette | Part 20: Our C5 Z06 returns to the track with a new crate engine, dry sump, oil cooler and tires.
  • Race Tire Faceoff | Does the new Goodyear Eagle RS-R stand up to the BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S?
  • The E85 Edge | Run cooler, make more power.
  • Triple-Threat Miata | Turning the ND Mazda MX-5 into a time trial champion.
  • Low-Buck Tech | 1937 Buick-Caddy
  • Fuel Tips | The science of E85

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