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May 2023 - '80s + '90s

May 2023 - '80s + '90s


  • '80s + '90s: Was the rad era really that rad?
  • Track Test: Volkswagen Golf R: Does the most powerful Golf ever up the ante in the hot hatch wars?
  • Challenge Champion: This $2000 Subaru LMP360 is what happens when you ask "What if?"
  • Does Wheel Width Matter? Let's see what the data says.
  • Stud Finder: How well are your wheels attached?
  • Retro Wheel Guide: Some evergreen classic designs.
  • Project V6 Miata Part 1: Choosing between Honda and GM power for our endurance racer.
  • Down to the Wire: How to transform a rat's nest into orderly wiring.
  • Low-Buck Tech: The Festiva: the most unloved (for good reason) Mazda-powered Ford.

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